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Patient Testimonials

On this page you'll find just a few of the many positive comments Dr. Solomon has received from the men he has helped through penis enlargement and enhancement surgeries.

Hello Barbara,
I am compelled to share with you how impressed I am with Dr. Solomon. His outstanding surgical expertise, skilled hands, and caring nature/bedside manner have by far exceded all of my expectations. Both you & Dr Solomon have been wonderful & I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I am your loyal patient.

J :)

Hi Dr. Solomon,
I'm very pleased with the results! The sex is feeling normal for a while now, my penis still swells up a little after having sex. But you told me that would happen. I'm also very happy about the web it looks great.

Dr. Solomon,
I had a safe trip home. I just wanted to thank you both for what you did for me and the attention you showed me while I was there.

Dr. Solomon, you have a wonderful assistant. She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Also, Ron is a super chauffeur and he really made my stay easier.
Thanks for everything,

WL, South Carolina

Dr. Solomon,
Thank you so much for your care. Sex is better than ever and I am very pleased with the results. After all the other surgery, I am glad you were able to help me achieve my goal.

KJ, London

Dr. Solomon,
I wasn't sure this was all going to work out, but I know it did. I'm not embarrassed when women see my penis. Thanks so much for helping me.

AN, Chicago, IL

If these testimonials are encouraging you to take the next step, you can request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at Online call.