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Male Genital Enhancement

It's true that many men wish that they had a larger penis. But bigger isn't always better, and increasing penis size is not always the best solution for men who feel unhappy with their genitals. Genital and penis enhancement surgery involve many complex cosmetic concerns and addresses much more than just length or width, so choosing a surgeon with specific experience is absolutely essential. When you choose the right plastic surgeon, there are a variety of surgical methods that can be employed to give you the kind of improvement you'd like. Dr. Mark P. Solomon has the experience necessary to make your genital enhancement a success.

To learn more about male genital and penile enhancement, please request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at tell icon.

Why Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing penis enhancement procedures. His unique skill has enabled him to develop innovative techniques for penis enhancement and has made him the "go-to" surgeon when men need revision surgery. Men travel from all over the world for surgery from Dr. Solomon.

Procedure Options

You can learn more about the procedures Dr. Solomon performs by exploring the links below.

Penis Enlargement. These procedures can increase length or width.

Scrotal Enhancement. Surgery can address penoscrotal webbing ("turkey neck") and provide scrotal reduction.

Revision Surgery. Dr. Solomon is sought-after for his ability to improve and correct the results of a prior unsuccessful penis enhancement procedure.

Other Cosmetic Procedures for Men. In addition to genital enhancement, Dr. Solomon also performs other cosmetic procedures including male breast reduction, liposuction, calf/pectoral implants, and facial plastic surgery.

Other Penis Procedures. Dr. Solomon also performs circumcision, curvature correction, and glans enhancement.

Dr. Solomon will make you feel comfortable and relaxed while discussing your cosmetic goals. He will help you find the right surgical penile enhancement procedure for your individual needs, explain every step of the process, and perform surgery safely to give you optimal results.

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