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Penile Enhancement Revision Surgery

While poor results following genital enhancement surgery are not the norm, they do occur. When help is needed to fix the problems caused by a prior procedure, other medical professionals recommend Dr. Mark P. Solomon to perform penile enhancement revision surgery.

To learn more about penile enhancement revision surgery, please request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at Tell.


Ultimately, the goal of any revision surgery is to create an attractive look and healthy function following an unsatisfactory penis enlargement surgery. The exact improvement that is accomplished will depend upon the conditions being corrected. Common conditions after penis enlargement or other genital enhancement procedures that can be surgically corrected include dramatic scars, penile shortening, penile fat nodules, and penile deformity, among others.

Why Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing penis enhancement procedures. His unique skill has enabled him to develop innovative techniques for penis enhancement and has made him the "go-to" surgeon when men need revision surgery. Men travel from all over the world for surgery from Dr. Solomon.

How It's Done

Some methods of revision include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Flap techniques after penis lengthening using inconspicuous incisions in the pubic region.
  • Removal of fat injections that were used for penis widening. This may be necessary if the fat injections have developed an irregular ("lumpy") contour or an irregular feel (firm nodules with "mushy" spots in other areas). Fat injections are usually replaced with large sheets of dermal allograft that provide a smooth, round penis shaft that is still larger than normal.
  • Scar revision for dramatic scars.
  • Correction of "turkey neck" (penoscrotal webbing).

Performing revision surgery requires creativity and flexibility to address each unique case. Dr. Solomon has enough experience to be able to customize a solution for you, no matter how challenging your situation may be.

Post-Op Care

To ensure that your revision procedure gives you the results you are hoping for, it is vitally important to follow Dr. Solomon's instructions carefully during your recovery. He'll give you specific guidelines for rest, pain medication, and when you can resume sex or strenuous exercise.

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