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The scrotum is a male organ, consisting of a two-chambered sac of skin that protrudes from the base of the penis and contains the two testicles. The two chambers are separated from each other by a lining of skin known as the septum. The scrotum is not only built of skin, but is composed of muscles, as well. In human males, the base of the scrotum becomes covered with pubic hair after the onset of puberty. The scrotum is analogous to the labia majora in human females. In some individuals, the scrotum may become enlarged as the man ages. In turn, this can result in irritation to the upper thigh area and the scrotum itself. Moreover, men may also find it difficult to wear tight clothing. Not only can the condition become uncomfortable, but it can also be a source of embarrassment for the individual. When a patient seeks to reduce the size of their scrotum, they can opt to have a scrotum reduction procedure to return their scrotum to its normal shape and size. The procedure should be performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Mark P. Solomon.

Scrotum reduction is a surgical procedure that takes about 30 minutes to one hour to complete. A variety of techniques can be used to obtain the desired results, but most procedures involve an uplift of the scrotum itself. In some approaches, the excess skin is removed by surgery, while in others the scrotal muscles are tightened, usually in conjunction with a Z plasty. Dr. Mark P. Solomon, a board certified plastic surgeon from New York and Philadelphia, uses all of the above mentioned techniques to carry out the process of scrotum reduction. Dr. Solomon is highly experienced in performing scrotal lift and reduction, and has performed the procedure numerous times with successful results. Before opting for a scrotum reduction, the patient must meet with their doctor to determine if the procedure is appropriate for them. During the consultation, the doctor will review the patient's medical background, gain an understanding of their aesthetic goals, and answer any questions the patient may have about the procedure. Dr. Solomon is a caring doctor who will make you feel at ease during your pre-surgical consultation. He will help you to determine if this procedure will meet your expectations.

The scrotum reduction procedure is relatively safe, assuming there are no unforeseen medical complications. Dr. Solomon can assure his patients that the benefits of the surgery will include increased physical comfort, reduction of thigh and scrotal irritation, and enhanced sexual confidence during sexual experiences.

Dr. Solomon may also suggest scrotal reduction as part of penis enhancement surgery. This often results in creating the appearance of a larger penis.

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